Presenting Companies

The following companies will pitch at the upcoming Venture+ Forum semi-final pitch competition and program taking place on Monday, February 29, 2016 in Las Vegas. Top selected companies will advance to the Venture+ Forum Pitch Finals competition and networking event on Wednesday, March 2! lets primary care providers deliver remarkably efficient remote care, increasing capacity by 30%, efficiency by 80%, and margin by 5x.
CaptureProof, Inc.
CaptureProof is the medical camera that removes all HIPAA risk and adds visual narrative to healthcare with photos and videos.
Claritas MindSciences
Claritas MindSciences designs and develops evidence based digital therapies that deliver personalized mindfulness training that empowers people to control their cravings and addictions.
Clearwater Clinical
Clearwater provides mobile medical imaging and audiology solutions that enable clinicians to reduce costs and increase productivity. Our products are used by over 3,000 physicians worldwide.
Flow Health
Flow Health uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize care plans, and clinical staff to coordinate care - improving health outcomes and increasing profitability for risk-bearing entities.
Galileo CDS, Inc.
Galileo CDS accelerates existing radiologist workflows with easily integrated diagnostic decision support and automated report generation to save US radiology practices $3B+ per year.
Gauss Surgical
Gauss Surgical has developed the world's first real-time monitoring system for surgical blood loss. The Triton System has the potential to impact blood management by allowing for more precise and clinically accurate utilization of blood during surgery.
Hindsait, Inc.
Hindsait’s Artificial Intelligence platform prevents unnecessary health services, errors and fraud, improves HEDIS and Star ratings and optimizes missed prevention opportunities. Hindsait makes healthcare better.
Infina Connect
Infina Connect enables provider organizations to deliver Value Based Care by taking control of cost & quality through electronic referral management and coordination of care.
InstaMD developed Simple and Affordable Remote Vitals Monitoring Solution for Home Health Patient. It Works without any Smart Device, Apps to login, and WiFi connectivity.
The hybrid medical answering service - merges an automated answering service with a live operator platform.  It’s simpler, safer and cheaper than traditional live operator services.
Mevoked's digital therapeutics use technology and psychological science to improve the emotional wellness of new and expecting mothers.
newNRG is an evidence-based behavioral health and triaging platform that helps prevent, identify and manage sleep apnea and its associated co-morbidities and health risk behaviors.
Quality Interactions
Quality Interactions’ e-learning courses improve effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients that translates into higher patient satisfaction, lower re-admissions and better health outcomes.
At Reemo we’re empowering people to live life more independently. We believe your home should be there to serve your needs. We do this through a simple to use hands free wearable remote.
Sansoro Health
Sansoro Health breaks EMR integration barriers with proven, scalable, secure web services. Customers use Sansoro’s EmissaryTM software to accelerate innovation through bidirectional, EMR-agnostic, Open APIs.
Smart Clinic
Improving outcomes by pushing procedure instructions, medication, results and clinical surveys directly to patients mobile devices.  We are the Nurse in their Purse.
Tiatros Inc.
The Tiatros CarePod hosted solution provides a patient specific, secure social network for chronic disease care team collaboration.  Doctor led, patient centric. 21st century healthcare.
VUCA Health
Combing proprietary video content and innovative integrated delivery technology, VUCA Health brings a new digital experience in medication education and patient engagement like never seen before.
Wulou Labs Inc
Wulou transforms medication packaging into connected devices – empowering consumers and their care providers to manage home medicines more effectively, safely and economically.