4 critical focal points for healthcare innovation, Part 2: Operations 2.0
Healthcare systems and providers are facing a perfect storm of challenges: new regulations, increased competition, value-based payment models, an overwhelmed workforce, and incredible transformation due to emerging technologies. Creating efficient care delivery operations is imperative. But how?

4 critical focal points for healthcare innovation, Part 3: Patients as Consumers
Smarter, faster, on-demand functionalities are revolutionizing every industry. When applied to healthcare, there are a few vital areas in which technology can help meet the needs of both patients/consumers and healthcare system organizations.

Obstacles to Innovation in Healthcare: Twitter Chat Highlights
A week before HIMSS16, the #HCLDR, #HIMSS16 and #HX360 communities participated in a lively discussion on why healthcare has been so reliant on keeping the status quo—and how we can continue to push the innovation envelope. 

4 critical focal points for healthcare innovation, Part 1: Chronic and behavioral care
The number of U.S. citizens living with one or more chronic conditions is expected to increase to 171 million by 2030. What can be done to face this “invisible epidemic?” Two important factors, care management and patient engagement, are poised to benefit from some very promising emerging technologies.

The Science of Healthcare Innovation: Interview with Dr. George Day, Part 2
Picking up where the first installment of the interview between HX360 CEO Roy Smythe and Dr. George Day left off, the second part addresses the art of executing on innovation

The Science of Healthcare Innovation: Interview with Dr. George Day (Part 1)
HX360 CEO Roy Smythe spoke with Dr. George Day, an expert on the management of innovation—and HX360 Executive Program speaker—in a 3-part blog series on the science of innovation. Part 1 looks at innovation’s organizational structure. 

Infographic: What Does It Take To Be A Healthcare Innovation Leader?
Should one executive be the full-time innovation leader, or is a distributed model effective? Explore that question, as well as what distinguishes consistent growth leaders from laggards. 

Infographic: What will it take to overcome innovation obstacles in healthcare?
With risk-aversion, prior investments and a misaligned payment system in the way, how can true transformation occur? This infographic spells out how to overcome the most common barriers to innovation.

How to Overcome Healthcare Innovation Obstacles
A great deal of energy and discourse surround the topic of innovation in healthcare, and it’s clear that changing the healthcare delivery model will be difficult and time consuming. With risk-aversion, prior investments and a misaligned payment system standing in the way, how can we bring about true transformation? This complimentary HX360 Innovation Insights whitepaper explores these challenges and what we can do to overcome them.

Americans Have Forgotten What the Word 'Health' Means
How do we reconcile an increased interest in the concept of health while our general health seems to be deteriorating? Redefining health to include freedom from suffering, mental well-being, resilience and adaptability is a start.

Fighting Bad Guys With Health System Consolidation
Health system consolidation is often considered good for business, but is it good for delivery of care? Oddly enough, the Power Rangers and Transformers serve as solid examples when considering the potential benefits and drawbacks of consolidation.

Health Care's Current "Productivity Paradox"
Despite widespread EHR implementation, those experiencing increased productivity are the exception, not the rule. The concept of general purpose technology helps explain this gap and how we can close it.

VIDEO: What is the Future of Healthcare?
Attendees of the HX360 inaugural event at HIMSS15 offered perspectives on the future of healthcare for patients and providers. Patient engagement, mobility and clinical decision support all point toward a more connected experience for all.

What Healthcare and Airlines Have in Common
The parallels between the exam room and the cockpit are plentiful. HX360 CEO Roy Symthe notes the many similarities between these two industries, and where both stand when it comes to managing customer satisfaction.

HIMSS15: HX360 Takes Attendees to the Future of Human Health
The HX360 exhibit pavilion at HIMSS15 provided entrepreneurs, investors, providers, payers, healthcare stakeholders and new entrants in the market with ways to solve challenges that fall within three key themes: clinical workflow, care coordination and patient experience.

HIMSS15 Keynote Speaker Robert Mittendorf, MD, at HIMSS15
Robert Mittendorff, MD, HX360 keynote speaker at HIMSS15, talks key themes of healthcare in 2015, including care coordination, digital therapeutics and telemedicine.