Why now?

Health reform, payment changes, more service choices, rising costs, aging populations—there are numerous reasons why now is the time for change. Health systems are expected to create quality experiences for patients, and deliver better outcomes, while maintaining the fiscal health of their organizations. Managing the health of populations, in addition to personalized care for individuals, is instrumental in achieving these outcomes. Some other factors:

  • While workflow and process improvement have advanced over the past few decades in healthcare, they have yet to make a monumental and sustainable impact on care delivery
  • Platform technology – EHR – has set the stage for improved care delivery and has been a tremendously important part of our industry transformation, yet it has not substantially changed the way care is delivered
  • Next generation technology will be instrumental in taking care delivery to the next level, whether from current industry technology leaders or startups entering the market
  • Billions in venture capital funding is flooding the healthcare technology arena—making now the time for next generation technology start-ups and others to secure funding for new ideas

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