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Meeting Today’s Health Care Challenges

I. Contemporary Provider Challenges
Drawing on more than 18 months of research by AVIA – including interviews with health care executives, a review of health systems strategic plans, and an extensive evaluation of the health care industry itself – HX360 has identified eight areas in health care delivery that can benefit from next generation technologies.

  1. Patient retention and acquisition
  2. Primary care provider efficiency
  3. Post-acute care management
  4. Patient experience improvement
  5. Care coordination
  6. Supply chain optimization
  7. Mandated quality metrics improvement

II. HX360 Index™
Are your current processes and structures optimized to meet today’s health care challenges with next generation technologies?
The HX360 index is a new tool designed to help health system calibrate preparedness to tackle current challenges.
Using seven key measures, the Index provides a roadmap for optimizing current processes and structures for next generation technologies. These measures include:

  1. Next generation technology adoption and use
  2. Innovation capacity
  3. Degree of care delivery integration
  4. Payment model
  5. Foundational preparedness (platform technology adoption and use) (HIMSS Model)
  6. Financial performance
  7. Quality and safety organization

No other evaluation tool or rating system on the market incorporates these metrics or focuses on this crucial concept.

III. Year-Round Engagements
Throughout the year, HX360 will engage executives and health system leaders in discussion forums. Participants will discuss common challenges, share solutions, learn, inspire and get inspired to transform the delivery of clinical care.