Putting Health Care's Transformation Into Perspective

Roy Smythe



In my most recent Forbes column, I take a look at the immutable fact that nothing lasts forever -- including the current structure of our health care system. 

An excerpt: 

There will always be a need for the common good – the carrying out of biomedical research and the discernment and sharing of its findings, the repository of information regarding populations, the financial stewardship for the management of health and wellness, and many other activities.

In addition, there is only so far that those two pillars can erode – it is one thing to have a hand held ultrasound that images your gallbladder and tells you that it is inflamed, and quite another to remove it. I am not proposing that we drain the ocean, I am just suggesting that the interface between the sand (what “lay people” know and do, pursuant to health care) and the water (what organized health care knows and does) should move to a more logical place – and will.

Read the full column, titled "Health Care's New Social and Structural Transformation" here.


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