Our Mission

HX360™ seeks to improve the way that healthcare is delivered by inspiring and facilitating health systems to pioneer the adoption and use of next generation technologies in those areas where health system executives are passionate to combine the right mix of human & fiscal resources, process change and technology for the advancement of their organization.

Today, more than ever, because patients have choices and health systems are being measured closely, health system leaders are challenged to create both quality clinical experiences and good clinical outcomes for patients while maintaining the fiscal health of their organizations.

Workforce optimization and process improvement have been important advances in healthcare over the past few decades, but have not had a large impact on the structures and processes of clinical care delivery. Platform technologies such as the electronic medical record have set the stage for improving healthcare delivery via more effective data collection.

There have been a number of important advances in healthcare over the past several decades, including the adoption and use of EHRs. To continue care delivery’s transformation, next generation technologies must also be adopted. An influx of billions of dollars in new venture capital funding for "next generation technology" (Non-EHR technologies) and new capabilities related to these technologies is an engine driving change for new health care delivery.

Globally, health system leaders are looking to reinvent care delivery to meet the new imperative of "managing the health" of populations (rather than just handling acute disease). This new call to action of "reinventing care delivery" requires these leaders to harness the right combination of human and fiscal resources, process change and technology to tackle these challenges. Governments, employers and the general public are aligned on the need to improve healthcare delivery value – making care more efficient and more integrated, while lowering cost and improving quality.