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HX360 - To the Future of Human Health

HX360™ – a new initiative co-developed by HIMSS and AVIA – works with health system leaders to reinvent care delivery in our time by harnessing the potential of next generation technologies, process change and the right mix of human and fiscal resources.

Today’s Healthcare Challenges In healthcare today, patients have choices and health systems are being measured closely. Health system leaders must meet a twofold challenge: to create quality clinical experiences and good clinical outcomes for patients, and to maintain the fiscal health of their organizations. HX360 is an initiative that seeks to improve care delivery by encouraging the adoption of next generation technologies and workflows to address the key challenges faced by health systems today. These Contemporary Provider Challenges, as identified by leading health systems, include:

  • Provider Efficiencies and Clinical Workflow
  • Patient Experience
  • Care Coordination for Disease Management
  • Patient Retention and Acquisition

Improving Care Delivery with Next Generation Technologies

Electronic health records (EHR) and other data-collecting platform technologies have set the stage for improving healthcare delivery through more effective data collection. There have been a number of important advances in healthcare over the past several decades, including the adoption and use of EHRs. To continue care delivery transformation, next generation technologies must also be adopted.

But in recent years, billions of dollars in new venture capital have funded emerging "next generation", non-EHR technologies such as intelligent scheduling software – technologies that draw on EHR data to improve care in real-time. By implementing solutions based on these technologies, health system leaders hope to make care more efficient and more integrated, while lowering costs and improving quality.

To learn more about HX360, attend our inaugural event on April 13 – 15 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

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