Healthcare Orgs: How well are you adopting emerging tech?

Lorren Pettit

How would you characterize your healthcare organization's adoption of emerging technologies? Do you routinely invent and commercialize technologies? Do you wait until a solution has become been well established in the market? Or perhaps, do you wait as long as you can, and then only adopt new solutions when we absolutely have to?

The folks driving the HX360 Inaugural Event at this year’s HIMSS15 conference have wrestled with this same question over the last year and have come up with a solution which is scheduled to be unveiled at HIMSS15.

By assembling a team of healthcare strategists and researchers, the HX360 leaders have developed an index designed to measure a healthcare organization’s aptitude towards adopting emerging technologies.

The HX360 Index™ collates a wide range of data sources to assess healthcare organizations along seven key drivers of innovation:

  1. Leadership Commitment – How does your Board support innovation? Does your strategic plan address the adoption of emerging technologies? Is executive compensation tied to innovation performance?
  2. Organizational Agility - How many pilot studies involving emerging technologies are being conducted at the hospital? How many of these pilot studies are implemented on a larger scale? What process improvement tools does your organization use?
  3. Value Based Orientation – Does your organization participate in a value-based payment arrangement? How has the proportion of payment from commercial payors, Medicare and Medicaid changed over the last 3 years?
  4. Care Integration - How far along is your organization in supporting specialist referral management across the continuum of care? What is the average wait time for patients to access clinical specialists? What percentage of your credentialed physicians is employed by your hospital?
  5. User Engagement - Does your organization utilize social media to communicate health and wellness information?
  6. Platform and Infrastructure – What is your hospital’s HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Score? Have you been a HIMSS Davis Award winner within the past 3 years?
  7. Organizational Health - What is your organization's current bond rating? How many new revenue generating services are being driven by the use of emerging technologies?

While many health systems proudly claim to be on the “leading edge” of technology, the Index being developed by HX360 will help support these claims. But perhaps more importantly, it will provide health system leaders with the insights they need as they plan for the future.


Lorren Pettit is Vice President of Market Research for HIMSS Analytics

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