Innovation Leaders Program

Are you the innovation champion of your organization? The disrupter in your vertical? The HX360 Innovation Leaders Program explores health technology, innovation and the evolving relationships between providers, patients, entrepreneurs and investors as they face the challenges of adopting and commercializing new solutions, building and sustaining innovation capacity and adapting to value based payment in healthcare. 
Learn how providers are shifting their business models, leveraging and investing in technology and working with the innovation sector to solve persistent, costly problems in healthcare and forge new collaborations with patients.
Interact with the big thinkers and do-ers, dealmakers and technologists shaping the market with new solutions designed to help providers and payers adapt to consumerization, implement population health and improve operational inefficiencies. Glimpse the future with new technologies, big data strategies, predictive analytics and the Internet of Things. 
Dig into innovation case studies to understand the elements of success—and what to avoid. Amp up your team’s creative problem solving. Get the ‘big picture’ context from healthcare CEOs. Inform your development and partnering strategies with the mindset of an investor and the perspective of a provider. Establish a new collaboration. 
Come to the HX360 Innovation Leaders program.
Let’s solve it together.