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HX360™ – a new initiative co-developed by HIMSS and AVIA – invites health system leaders to reinvent care delivery in our time by harnessing the potential of next generation technologies.

Join a diverse group of health system leaders who are passionate about combining the right mix of resources, process and technologies to improve the way we deliver health care.

Today’s Health Care Challenges

In health care today, patients have choices and health systems are being measured closely. Health system leaders must meet a twofold challenge: to create quality clinical experiences and good clinical outcomes for patients, and to maintain the fiscal health of their organizations.

There is a global need to reinvent care delivery – to move away from simply handling acute disease, and toward “managing the health” of populations. To meet current health care challenges, health system leaders must harness human and fiscal resources, process change and technology.

Improving Care Delivery with Next Generation Technologies

Electronic health records (EHR) and other data-collecting platform technologies have set the stage for improving health care delivery through more effective data collection. There have been a number of important advances in healthcare over the past several decades, including the adoption and use of EHRs. To continue care delivery transformation, next generation technologies must also be adopted.

But in recent years, billions of dollars in new venture capital have funded emerging “next generation”, non-EHR technologies such as intelligent scheduling software – technologies that draw on EHR data to improve care in real-time. By implementing solutions based on these technologies, health system leaders hope to make care more efficient and more integrated, while lowering costs and improving quality.

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Meeting Today’s Health Care Challenges

I. Contemporary Provider Challenges

Drawing on more than 18 months of research by AVIA – including interviews with health care executives, a review of health systems strategic plans, and an extensive evaluation of the health care industry itself – HX360 has identified eight areas in health care delivery that can benefit from next generation technologies.

  1. Patient retention and acquisition
  2. Primary care provider efficiency
  3. Post-acute care management
  4. Patient experience improvement
  5. Care coordination
  6. Supply chain optimization
  7. Mandated quality metrics improvement

II. HX360 Index™

Are your current processes and structures optimized to meet today’s health care challenges with next generation technologies?

The HX360 index is a new tool designed help health system calibrate preparedness to tackle current challenges.

Using seven key measures, the Index provides a roadmap for optimizing current processes and structures for next generation technologies. These measures include:

  1. Next generation technology adoption and use
  2. Innovation capacity
  3. Degree of care delivery integration
  4. Payment model
  5. Foundational preparedness (platform technology adoption and use) (HIMSS Model)
  6. Financial performance
  7. Quality and safety organization

No other evaluation tool or rating system on the market incorporates these metrics or focuses on this crucial concept.

III. Year-Round Engagements

Throughout the year, HX360 will engage executives and health system leaders in discussion forums. Participants will discuss common challenges, share solutions, learn, inspire and get inspired to transform the delivery of clinical care.



MD, Roy Smythe, CEO

Roy Smythe, MD is an expert in the areas of health care innovation and integrated health care delivery strategy.

Roy Smythe – CEO of HX360

Roy Smythe, MD has been appointed CEO of HX360. Dr. Smythe has most recently been the first Chief Medical Officer of AVIA. Prior to joining AVIA, Dr. Smythe served as the Senior Vice President for Institute Development and Medical Director of Innovation for the Scott & White Healthcare system. He was also tenured Professor of Surgery, Medicine, and Molecular Medicine, and the Glen and Rita K. Roney Endowed Chair for the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Dr. Smythe is an expert in the areas of health care innovation and integrated health care delivery strategy. Throughout his career, Dr. Smythe has focused on exploring innovation -- as an internationally-recognized specialty surgeon, a leading molecular therapeutics laboratory investigator, a medical school and health system department chair, and health system executive. His time as a health system leader was focused on a number of clinical, academic and administrative areas, including governance, strategic planning and innovation.

He has published more than 300 manuscripts, articles and essays in both the academic and lay press in subject areas ranging from biomedical investigation and clinical delivery process, to the more human aspects of medical care. He is currently a featured contributor for Forbes.

Dr. Smythe is a passionate evangelist for the need to change the way that health care is delivered in our lifetimes, and the ability to do so using strategies and technologies that are currently available. 

Richard Scarfo

Richard Scarfo joined HIMSS in 2012 to manage the events portfolio of the Media division and serves as Director of the mHealth Summit – an event he created in 2008. Currently, Scarfo serves as the Vice President of the Personal Connected Health Alliance, a collaborative effort of Continua, mHealth Summit and HIMSS. In this role, he develops strategic direction for mobile and personal health activities globally and continues to manage and build the mHealth Summit, with activities on four continents all connected to the host event in the United States which is now the largest mobile health event in the world. Rich brings 25 years of experience from his previous roles at CEA’s Consumer Electronics Show, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health. 

Yolanda Hernandez

Yolanda Hernandez is a global business executive and change agent with demonstrated accomplishments as a strategic partner on the executive leadership team of large manufacturing, distribution, service-oriented corporations and not-for profit institutions.

Prior to HIMSS, Yolanda was Senior Executive at fortune 500 corporations with significant involvement in strategic planning, international marketing and management, brand strategy, marketing effectiveness, customer experience and process re-engineering including Emerson, Grainger, Pitney Bowes and Allstate.

In her current role, Yolanda is responsible for global brand, audience stewardship and business unit integrated marketing effectiveness.
Yolanda holds an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and BS from DePaul University.


Paving the Way for the Next Generation of Health Care Delivery

The mission of HX360 – a new initiative co-developed by HIMSS and AVIA – is to collaborate with health system executives to pioneer the adoption and use of game-changing next generation technologies.

HX360 will bring together top-level executives and health system leaders who are passionate about leveraging the right mix of resources, processes and technology to transform the way health care is delivered.

HX360 will partner with health system executives to improve delivery through three initiatives:

  1. Contemporary Provider Challenges. In partnership with health systems, HX360 has identified eight areas of health care delivery that can immediately benefit from technology-enabled solutions.
  2. The HX360 Index™. The HX360 Index is a new tool that allows health system leaders and executives to determine whether they are prepared to use new technologies to tackle current challenges in health care delivery.
  3. Executive Forums. HX360 will hold its inaugural event where health system leaders can discuss challenges and solutions on April 12 – 15, 2015 in Chicago.

Roy Smythe, MD, HX360’s CEO, is an expert in areas of health care innovation and integrated health delivery strategy.



HIMSS and AVIA Launch HX360™ to Improve Health Care Delivery through Emerging Technologies

- New co-developed initiative will work with health systems to inspire and facilitate the adoption and use of next-generation technologies -

Chicago, IL – October 8, 2014 – Today, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and AVIA announced HX360™, a new co-developed initiative. HX360 was created to improve the way that health care is delivered by both inspiring and facilitating the adoption and use of next generation (non-EHR Platform) technologies by provider organizations, in areas where health system executives are passionate to combine the right mix of resources, processes and technologies.

HX360 will provide a series of solutions and services to support health systems adoption of next generation technologies. This includes identifying key Contemporary Provider Challenges, which are areas of health care delivery identified in partnership with health systems that could immediately benefit from these new technologies. HX360 is also developing the HX360 Index, a new tool to help health system leaders calibrate their preparedness for tackling current challenges in health care delivery using new technologies. HX360 is partnering with related member organizations to serve as a content resource.

“Globally, health system leaders are looking to reinvent care delivery to not just treat illness, but manage the overall health of entire populations,” said Dr. Roy Smythe, chief executive officer, HX360. “HX360 seeks to close the gaps that exist between the needs of health care leaders and the new technologies that have been created and will continue to evolve, or what we are referring to as next generation technologies.”

“While platform technologies such as the electronic medical record have set the stage for improving health care delivery via more effective data collection, these technologies have also not substantially changed the way that clinical care is delivered. HX360 was created to help bring about meaningful change in clinical care delivery is using next generation technology” Smythe said.

In addition to the proprietary HX360 Index™ and identification of current Contemporary Provider Challenges, HX360 will offer exclusive, ongoing forums for health system executives to promote and test the actions and initiatives necessary to bring changes to health care delivery, including HX360’s inaugural event, April 12-15, 2015 in Chicago.

About HX360™

HX360 was created to improve the way that health care is delivered by both inspiring and facilitating the adoption and use of next generation (non-EHR Platform) technologies by provider organizations, in areas where health system executives are passionate to combine the right mix of resources, process and technology.


HIMSS is a cause-based, global enterprise producing health IT thought leadership, education, events, market research and media services around the world. Founded in 1961, HIMSS encompasses more than 52,000 individuals, of which more than two-thirds work in healthcare provider, governmental and not- for-profit organizations across the globe, plus over 600 corporations and 250 not-for-profit partner organizations, that share this cause. HIMSS, headquartered in Chicago, serves the global health IT community with additional offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

About AVIA

AVIA is a provider-led innovation accelerator. AVIA addresses healthcare's most pressing challenges by working with provider organizations to identify and implement the best emerging tech-enabled solutions, at scale. AVIA's Innovator Network offers providers a higher probability of success and a quicker path to impact.


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