McKesson Imaging and Workflow Solutions Group Named Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

Erkan Akyuz


Sometimes, you’ve got to get creative. Like when you’re asked to help providers increase quality of care and help improve patient outcomes while reducing cost.

Indeed, we’ve found that creativity is the best way to generate customer value, and I am proud to announce that Frost & Sullivan reinforced that idea in its recent whitepaper describing its choice for McKesson as company of the year. In the whitepaper, “Amplifying the Value of Medical Imaging Services to the Enterprise through Efficient Workflow Solutions,” Frost & Sullivan makes the point that this notion is circular: creativity brings about customer value excellence, and customer value excellence reinforces the spirit of creativity.

Author Nadim Michel Daher writes in the whitepaper that companies receiving this award represent the top 10% of their industry in visionary innovation and customer value excellence. “To win an award like Company of the Year is to be recognized as a leader not only in the industry, but among non-industry peers as well,” writes Daher.

The paper describes how McKesson Imaging and Workflow Solutions (IWS) Group’s medical imaging informatics solutions were benchmarked against key competitors in the areas of growth strategy excellence, growth implementation excellence, degree of innovation with products and technologies, leadership in customer value, and leadership in market penetration.

“Throughout the last several years, McKesson’s imaging and workflow business has been highly proactive in aligning its product portfolio and value proposition with these new care models, while preparing its customers to transition to these higher levels of operational efficiency and quality outcomes,” writes Daher, referring to value-based care, higher patient volumes, and lower per-procedure bundled reimbursement.

Daher highlights McKesson’s continual drive toward helping providers minimize the  TCO of their imaging systems, pointing out how McKesson Qualitative Intelligence Communication System (QICS™) helps streamline communication between stakeholders. Writes Daher: “By leveraging interoperability to enhance the mechanisms of collaboration and the overall workflow productivity of the imaging enterprise, it can lead to more efficient patient management and higher quality of care across the continuum of care.”

As gratifying as it is to be recognized for innovation and market leadership, the only success measure that matters is genuine utility to providers. Since, as Daher notes, most providers are still hard pressed to meet the high-level objectives of higher quality and better care with reduced cost, the best accolade we can receive is this: “McKesson imaging and workflow business has taken the necessary steps to innovate, expand and harmonize its solution set to address the key challenges of enterprise-wide medical imaging informatics and has been highly proactive over the last several years in aligning its product portfolio with emerging care delivery models, while preparing customers to transition to higher levels of operational efficiency and quality outcomes.”

For more information about the award, read the Frost & Sullivan whitepaper, “Amplifying the Value of Medical Imaging Services to the Enterprise through Efficient Workflow Solutions.”


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