Inaugural Conference Programming Puts Patient Care At The Forefront


By Guest Contributor Bill Petasnick

As the former CEO of Froedtert Hospital, the work we do on behalf of our patients is something that is extremely important to me—it’s what I call “the main thing.”

As a healthcare executive I was always looking for ways we could better meet the needs of our patients by providing them with a safer environment, making sure our staff was well trained and equipping them with the right tools to take advantage of their expertise.  I was also interested in benchmarking ourselves so we could take advantage of best practices in the field.  That is part of the reason I am really looking forward to HX360, my passion for working with patients and utilizing the latest and greatest in technology will truly be brought together. 

One aspect of HX360 that excites me the most is the fact that we will be surrounded by some of the best and brightest in the healthcare field.  Leadership from several large-healthcare systems will be represented and a part of the program panels, including Mayo Clinic and Intermountation.

Through HX360 we will have the rare opportunity to bring several key healthcare leaders and stakeholders together to have a serious conversation about transforming healthcare through the creation of tech-enabled solutions.

A large part of our objective during the Inaugural Event is establishing a serious and on-going dialogue that explores how technology can truly help providers, hospitals and health systems can overcome specific Contemporary Provider Challenges.   Once we begin the discussion, we can truly move forward in improving patient care. 

During the conference we will touch on several critical topics:

  • Leadership in a tech-enabled environment
  • Entrepreneurship inside and alongside health systems
  • Patient Experience:  Turning challenge into opportunity
  • Mechanisms to reduce risk associated with tech adoption

Our general programming will include several thought provoking panels with topics that range from, “Care Coordination and Workflow:  The Double Edge of Better Care,” “Evolving Engagement:  Next Wave Technologies,” “Design Mashup:  Designing With Patients, for Patients and Providers.” 

Some of these panels will help us define what patient engagement is and how to improve it.  But we will also cover care coordination how to improve some of the most common bottlenecks.

We have a very impressive group of speakers and panelists lined up including, Walgreen’s President Alexander Gourlay and Ian Morrison the Founder of Strategic Health Perspectives.  All of these healthcare leaders will provide critical perspectives in how technology can help us in improving patient care.

Please come with your thoughts and ideas, given the brain power we will have together over the three day conference we should certainly have a lively discussion. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Chicago in April!


HX360's Inaugural Event will be in Chicago, IL at McCormick Place West, co-located with HIMSS Annual Conference: