People-powered healthcare – an innovation challenge


Found over on the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation’s blog :

How One Family is Enabling People to Power Their Health” a mini-case study on putting the power of technology into the hands of patients and their families presented as an audio interview.

These are the kinds of developments that the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation is driving, and studying, in their quest to transform the way health care is experienced and delivered.

During the HX360 Inaugural Event, the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation’s service designer Marnie Meylor and IT lead, Paul Nordlund, will be co-presenting Design Mashup: Designing with Patients, for Patients and Providers.

They will take an up-close look at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation’s Patient Centered Care Planning Project, which used active research with patients to discover opportunities for patient- and care team-facing IT tools capable of supporting a multidisciplinary, team approach to engagement, collaboration around personalized goals and priority health concerns—aligning with value-driven payment models. A digital prototype of the Patient Centered Care Plan will be shown as part of the session, together with initial findings from a pilot in a family practice.

This session will whet attendees’ appetites for one of the Inaugural Event’s main attractions: the Innovation Challenge.

Sixty-four entrants are being whittled down to four who will engage in a final showdown during a live pitch event hosted at the HX360™ Inaugural Event on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 from 2:30-4:30 pm at McCormick Place in (Lakeside Center, Room E350).

Each of the final four will have 10 minutes to present their company and 5 minutes of expert led Q&A, all in front of a large audience of health system executives, venture capitalists, and other healthcare industry leaders.

During the live competition, two companies making the most significant contributions to improving Patient Experience will be declared winners of the HX360 Innovation Challenge by an on-stage panel of expert health system judges. The winning companies will be selected for their ability to utilize technology to design and deliver effective products and services that help people or patients significantly enhance their experience engaging with not-for-profit healthcare systems and their providers.

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