HX360 is an exclusive executive engagement program co-developed by HIMSS and AVIA, held in conjunction with HIMSS18, for C-level health executives to interact with world-class thought leadership to create actionable solutions to ensure their current and future investments in information and technology deliver the best possible returns.  

Explore how to better lead in a tech-enabled environment. HX360 provides you with in-depth knowledge of the strategic role of information technology in all facets of health and healthcare. By convening key stakeholders in the transformation of healthcare, you’re ensured a fully vetted perspective to make the best decisions to optimize the relationship between health information and technology and the level of care your organization provides.

HX360 takes place during HIMSS18, Monday, March 5 – Wednesday, March 7, 2018 in Las Vegas.


HX360 links together the perspectives of C-suite executives, innovation leaders, technology companies and investors to offer a holistic view of the healthcare innovation ecosystem. Working synergistically with industry partners, these dimensions of the HX360 experience enables participants to discover and learn new insights, concepts and techniques often unavailable at other healthcare forums. The result? Participants are equipped with new knowledge and cutting-edge best practices that can be immediately deployed for transforming healthcare delivery.